We manage your social media

Our social media marketing department will help you to decide where you should be depending on your target audience, making the most of the possibilities offered by each social media site.

SMM Proyects

Social media marketing

The social media have become an indispensable communication channel for SME’s and large companies alike. At Quelinka, we help you to define the best social media strategy to pursue.

On which media should you be present? What actions can you carry out in each channel? How should you use them?

We help you to manage your social media with our social media manager services, or if you are the one who manages your profiles, we offer you training and consultancy services.


  • Social media management: We analyse the best media for your company, we create profiles, we optimise the profiles created and we develop any profiles needed to create a target audience.
  • Mentoring: We advise and train our clients if they are the ones who want to control their social media.
  • We launch advertising campaigns in social media like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.
  • Our SEO department also optimises our profiles in the social media.