We improve your visibility in search engines

Coming in at the top of the results pages on a search engine can be crucial for a website. With our experts in SEO positioning, we ensure that your company comes out on the top in the search results


SEO Positioning

We get you to appear among the top results in the search engines so that users who are looking for your services find you before anyone else.
Why will you get the best positioning with Quelinka?

  • We have experts in SEO positioning inside the company.
  • We use professional tools.
  • We get involved to ensure our clients’ success.
  • Experience and results with our clients.


  • We define the goals of your website.
  • We study the keywords.
  • We study the competition.
  • We internally optimise the website for positioning on search engines.
  • We implement your business’s keywords on the website to ensure high-quality visits.
  • We analyse the results and constantly add improvements