We attract traffic to your website

SEM positioning or attracting pay-per-click traffic in search engines, especially in Google Ads, allows us to attract more traffic to your website. We get more sales while investing less.


Google ADS

Through pay-per-click SEM positioning:

  • We get you to appear among the top search results from the very start.
  • We define the profiles of your clients in order to improve the segmentation of your target audience.
  • We make attractive, high-quality advertisements that will lower your investment.
  • We help you to get more conversions for less money.
  • We analyse the tracking of your results in order to constantly improve.

SEM Positioning

Through Google AdWords, different kinds of pay-per-click advertisements are possible:

  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Remarketing: reminder ads for users who are browsing and have already visited your website.
  • Shopping: advertising in pictures of the results of a Google search.
  • Display campaigns.
  • Advertising on YouTube.