Pay-per-click advertising in the social media

As part of our management of your social media, we also launching advertising campaigns to achieve even better results, namely Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

We manager ads on:

Facebook and Twitter Ads

The social media have become an indispensable tool to promote your company and products.

Facebook and Twitter Ads are ads on both platforms that allow you to promote the company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, your online store, events or apps solely through pay-per-click.

At Quelinka, we specialise in Facebook ads for companies.


  • Get more “Likes” or followers of your page.
  • Clicks and conversions on the website
  • Ensure that your messages reach the audience you want them to reach through segmentation via geography and interests which helps you reach the audience that your company wants.

At Quelinka, we manage your ads in the social media and provide you with the best solutions to reach more people with less investment.