We create and design your corporate image and make your brand unique and visible

As a creative agency, we seek the most spectacular and surprising way to communicate your message. We create, design and give identity to the brand in all media: Internet, graphic design, 3-D and audiovisual production.

We are experts in

Corporate image

We create a brand – we give identity.

Your company’s corporate image is the first thing that reaches potential clients, so it has to be attractive and clearly identify the brand. At Quelinka, we take charge of creating it based on the company’s philosophy, values and services, making it unique and exclusive.

All companies need to have their own corporate image to stand out from the crowd and surpass the competition by generating an exceptional image in their clients’ eyes and trust in their brand.


"A picture is worth a thousand words," and at Quelinka we manage to get your corporate image to distinguish and clearly identity your company.

We build your brand’s overall image throughout the entire creative and design process, from naming and design of the logo to packaging, website design and all kinds of advertising for your company in all media.

A well-designed corporate image is essential to ensure that both the corporate image and its website – or any kind of promotion or advertising – work properly, so leaving them in the hands of professionals is critical.